Our History

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London Street photos


1. From a picture postcard of the 1900-1910 period

2. Decorated for the Golden Jubilee of Queen

    Victoria, 1897. The benches would have been

    laid out for a public feast.

3. Shops on the South side: Morris’s, Robin’s,

    E J McLennan

4. From a 1961 Frith postcard in the Willis

    Museum collection


Previous owners of our property

1851 Edward Taylor, cabinet maker (?)

1861 Richard Soper, cordwainer (shoemaker) (?)

1901,1903,1905 E Morris, corn merchant

1915, 1923, 1948 E Lewis, cycles

1963, 1971 E C Lewis, radios and TVs

More recently: Josef’s Bistro


   Basingstoke's architectural historian thinks that the property may date from the 16th century. Part of Basingstoke was destroyed in a big fire during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1. The building  may have been built soon after that date, possibly replacing an earlier building destroyed in the fire. More information coming soon,


London Street 1.JPG
London Street 1.JPG
London Street 2.JPG
London Street 2.JPG
London Street 3.jpg
London Street 3.jpg
London Street 4.jpg
London Street 4.jpg

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